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What is a "dialed in" Skogging complete board designed by Chris Yandall ?

In the process of having a designed board transcending the complexities of a conventional racing/speed board and one that can be labeled as a true all around recreation transportation and exercise board, Chris Yandall engineered this design to include:
  • Flat running surface for easy movement of disciplined and at times, random foot placement while being in the cognitive skog zone. He maintains one's feet must have a consistent flat riding surface area to maintain stability at high rates of self-generated speed while navigating turns in the direction of expertise and fun using the Chris Yandall "skogging" style. John Galac inspired the concept in his boards and Yandall integrated into his but the basic look and feel are all Johnny's!
  • Strong long-lasting durable laminate wood deck. Weighty by design for exercising movements as well as feeling the board is built as strong as a tank.
  • Truck configuration that resembles the state of the art downhill slalom racing boards. Lots of "turn up front" and "stability turn in the rear". This is attained by wedging conventional trucks and this is the primary difference for the dialing in of one's board. This is key for enjoying a hearty switch stance pump, carve and push session a thousand times over.
  • Larger wheels in the back and smaller up front allows stability rides simply by keeping weight near tail of board and when one's weight is forward, turning the nose gently or on a dime is a piece of cake!
  • No kicktail in hopes to help thwart overzealous cops only seeing a skateboard as a toy and not a transportation device. This board is not designed for for tricks. Although kickflips and nose manuals work fine but requires an adjustment in style. Bottom line is this board's main design objective is to be a transportation and exercise deck that has great turning capabilities as well as being a short form of a longboard. It feels like a longboard but with a very short wheel base because of the truck turning design.
  • Avoiding over indulgence of design by going back to the basics. A flat deck, conventional skateboard trucks and wheels on thick heavy duty laminated wood deck. The simplicity of the skateboard design and functional working parts are not much different than they were 40 years ago. They've been slightly enhanced with new star spangled technology but essentially the basics are still intact. Let's face it, there isn't a well designed transportation push deck that allows fun cruising down steep hills as well as providing a fun time on the flats. Chris nailed it again with a little help from his friends!
With these points of desire, several higher levels of riding consciousness can be attained.
  • A realization the designed ride is a stepping stone to slalom racing.
  • Aerobic exercise is always the default when consuming the skogging system hook, line and sinker
  • Getting a longboard ride with a very short board that has been proven to ride safe up to 40mph.
  • Feeling a predictably flat surface for easy foot rebounding while alternating legs/feet.
  • A great deck to learn 2ft Manuals/Wheelies on
  • Experiencing the skateboard as a long distance endurance workout machine that can be used as transportation
  • Aggressive rhythmic patterns of movement while enjoying deep body vibrating audio sensations can lead to extreme euphoric bliss


The state of the art of the skateboard industry has inspired him to release a skateboard that reflects a style of riding many have found new and a refreshing way to leisurely skateboard without the dangers of cracking one's skull and in the process, applying a strenuous approach for an aerobic exercise.

The simplicity of the skateboard is maintained in this fabulous design that has been proven by rides equaling a circumnavigation around the globe in the number of miles pushed. In other words, the circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 kilometers) and in a few years, Chris Yandall has easily skogged the distance without the hassles of bad roads, inclement weather, faulty "actual mileage logging", loss of family time and bragging rights on messageboards.

"What I like in a good transportation deck is a flat semi-grippy surface, with larger wheels in the rear(de-radded truck - Seismic Rear) and smaller up front(very turning radded truck - Bennett Vectors) and the board must maintain stability at 30-40mph downhill runs and turn on a dime as well as be pumpable" says Chris Yandall. The complete set-up, ready to ride and dialed in for the basic level of Chris Yandall's style of skateboarding can be purchased at SK8Kings for just under 200.00 . "Anyone that tries my boards out of the box will have little trouble finding it hard to turn as well as an easy deck to ride, 95% of the decks on the market as of today, do not turn easily off the shelf, if at all and if you are a true skater, one who has a basic sense of riding a skateboard, it is easy to determine whether a board is 'rideable' by cruising terms."

The mission with his style of skateboarding isn't an easy walk in the park for most of the youth today. It requires the imagination of the fun when sidewalk surfing originally painted it's colorful ocean wave lifestyle on to cement and streets back in the 1960's. Even today, many beach parties still revel in that sandy gidget-goes-bare surfing nostalgia.

Unlike much of the skateboard industry of slapping on a graphic and having 10,000 boards look the same, Chris Yandall came out of retirement to reintroduce the basics. For some reason the skateboard industry has gotten it's head up it's ass and is forcing a sub-culture with it's niche market. And they have little sub-culture nazis spreading their poisonous messageboards venom in hopes to keep skateboarding a feat for superhumans with a congregation of snooty wannabe paying customers to perpetuate this evil. Sweet? EH? Evolution is a bitch and skogging is a mutation that will shine it's presence in a very subtle way. Your support will help lay inroads to the new skateboard industry which is now forming for the future. Please invest in the future and help those that support cruising as a great American past-time.

Buy Your Complete Dialed-In Skogging Deck Now!

    • Chris Yandall Pro Deck
    • Bennett Vector Truks with SK8KINGS Custom-Wedge set-up
    • Oust Moc 5 Bearings
    • Bennett Alligator (71 mm) Wheels
    • SK8KINGS custom bushing combos
    • Khiro premium parts
    • Super Hard Core Grip Tape for max foot grip.

ALL 100% USA MADE **

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