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Skog Patrol

When you skog for many miles, it becomes apparent that your presence during emergency conditions along the way might save someone's life. I strongly recommend carring a good sweat cloth or two, phone and a whistle to get people attention. You will also by chance become a part of a crime scene if you aren't aware of the upcoming surroundings. Keep a constant vigilance. It's part of the skog zone. Depending on your location, common sense really helps to prepare yourself for the unexpected and to behave in way to always help a situation.


Always check out the terrain before you enter an unknown area for skogging. Sand, water, oil/grease and pitted terrain are your enemies. The lesser amount of cracks or any surface interruption along the way is easier on your body in the long run. Which is why the smoother the terrain is, the more the cruise feels like a standing walk on air. Every little crack that you hit chips away at some part of your body but then, your body regenerates! -sigh-


Skogging alone is fun but the fun factor can increase 10 times over exponentially simply by adding numbers to your skateboard outting. Find friends to cruise garages, downhill roads and long flat-land cruises. Sometimes a basketball court ends up being a great place to hang and show your stuff. Whatever the case, get on NCDSA or Silverfishlongboarding and find a skateboarding community to join. Find a park with an open parking lot or nice sidewalks to share with others and do a picnic! Just make skateboaring happen in your hood! Find a way!

Skogging Steps

Chris Yandall has so many skogging step variations we had a hard time trying to name some of them. But here are a few.

Full Skog


Midi Skog

Backward Skog

High Steppin Skog

Reverse Surf Skog

Naked Skog

Surfin' Skog

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