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The two largest skateboard message boards, NCDSA and Silverfishlongboarding carry information and dialogue on skogging. Opinion varies from extremely positive to extremely negative. It is, without a doubt that what I do is a bit off-the-wall but this has to do with 40 years of skateboarding and really .... the legs I had back in the mid-70's would aid my true expression of what I feel the potential of one-footin' the plank could really be today! But I'm in the prime of my post-prime days! That must mean something! Truly, I feel strongly about the asymmetrical movement inherent in the skogging scheme. Others agree and since the 50's are the years of taking control of destiny, what more can I say? I'm the chosen one to focus on skateboarding being more than an ollie. Even in my hometown of Pacific Beach, some kids are calling what I do "not skateboarding". Being called a "freak" and someone that needs skateboard lessons are often yelled at my skatin' samoan style antics. At the other end, many friends and neighbors from the yester years of exercise routines... root me on. I'm getting a full bodied exercise and enjoying my music as I transition from one foot to the other. Compared to other modes of exercise on the boardwalk, for me, it's simply a cruising method of aerobic movement. And I'm at least literate enough to writ 'bout dis stuf y0 ... in an unbiased manner!


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