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SKATEBOARDING - Asymmetrical and pedi-dextrously speaking, this site dispels any notions that Chris Yandall invented switch stance or pushing with both legs. Chris is simply encouraging all skateboarders to look at switching it up for push, pump and carving movements. His style utitilizes all of these movements which culminates in the act of skogging. He aggressively promotes and demonstrates the movement daily.

He recommends this especially for those skaters that want more out of their skating. Skogging is an addition to whipping downhill runs and high impact transition riding. It's good for your body because it trains you to feel like a gyroscope while transitioning from one leg to the next while rapidly pushing.

Overall, and cutting to the chase, it's simply Chris Yandall's 40 plus years of skateboarding style mixing his self-generated speed run on the flats, alternating legs for pushing, switch stance and pumping while moving forward 10-12mph for long distances and boogeying to his favorite tunes. Plus, it's a good way to get simple exercise quickly which is one great evening of the field for skateboards in general.

Skogging supports the USADSA organization that has a mission to breathe more life into the skateboard industry with full scale distance skateboarding.

Chris Yandall was pre-dogtown era and skated with the infamous Dogtowners Tony Alva and Jay Adams at a San Diego City run skateboard contest(1974-75) at Kate Sessions in Pacific Beach where he took 1st Place. Chris Yandall was 1975 World Slalom Downhill Champion at San Diego "Jack Murphy" stadium and earlier in the year, downhill champ at the Del Mar Contest featured in the "Dogtown" movie.

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